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121 E. Pine Street

 Fitzgerald, Ga. 31750

Thursday March 30, 2017

What is the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Co. Leadership?

Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Leadership is a program of the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Chamber of Commerce, which provides a learning experience for existing and emerging leaders of Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County. Participants of the program will be given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the way their city and county operates.

The program is designed to be an educational experience. As such, Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Co. Leadership does not attempt to create a consensus of opinions or to promote any specific issue. Participants will be encouraged to take their increased knowledge of community, awareness of its institutions, and familiarity with its leaders into their world, and involve themselves in all areas of community life.


Utilizing their leadership capabilities with a broader understanding of the complexities our diverse community represents, participants will be better prepared to lead Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County to a better future.


How is one accepted in Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Co. Leadership Program?

First, the individual must be nominated for the program by a firm, organization, or an individual.
Self-nomination is accepted. The individual must show a sincere commitment, be motivated and interested in the community, and have the desire to increase his/her service in key leadership positions. The person must exhibit the ability and willingness to be involved in the learning process and must make a firm commitment to attend the entire Leadership Program.

Who is Eligible?

The Leadership Program desires to select a diversified group in terms of race, sex age and occupation. Participants should include a cross-section of individuals from businesses (including agriculture), social services, neighborhoods, religious, cultural, community volunteers and educational organizations. Typical participant's age may range from 21-65.  All applicants shall either live or work in Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County.