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Thursday March 30, 2017


Would you like a 7.5% discount on your
workers' compensation insurance premiums?

Certified drug-free workplaces in Ga receive a 7.5% discount on workers' comp premiums!

To achieve drug-free certification, complete these 5 simple steps:
1. Have a substance abuse policy - (free sample policy ).
2. Conduct (limited) drug testing - You DO NOT have to test your entire workforce!
3. Your company must conduct two hours of employee education each year.
List of videotape training resources  »
4. Your company must conduct two hours of supervisor training each year.
Supervisor Forms  »
5. Have an Employee Assistance Program - (or a list of counselors).

Many local chambers of commerce provide all, or some of the following services:
1. Free substance abuse policy on computer disc.
2. Discounted drug testing.
3. Free or discounted substance abuse training/newsletters.
4. A discounted Employee Assistance Program or a free treatment center list.

Additional Information:

Contact us to find out if the DRUGS DON'T WORK program is available in your area, or check The Council on Alcohol and Drugs for more information.
For more information contact us at (229) 423-9357.



Commonly asked questions:

Q: "Do I have to drug test all of my employees?"
A: No, only new hires, after accidents, on reasonable suspicion and post treatment.

Q: "Do I have to fire an employee who tests positive for drugs?"
A: No, you may fire an employee, or refer them to treatment.

Q: "Can I afford the drug testing costs?"
A: Only limited drug testing is required, and local chambers have discounted rates.

Q: "It's hard to find workers now, will this limit the pool of workers I can draw from?"
A: If you choose to do so, you may limit the positions you test for to safety sensitive positions.

Q: "Where can I get technical help with certification?"
A: Local chamber DRUGS DON'T WORK coordinators will assist you. Please contact us for assistance.